Client Testimonials

Allen with his 144-5/8” B & C Texas Whitetail Deer

"My experience with the Farrell Ranch began as a causal conversation with a friend about wanting to hunt a Black Buck some-day. His response was to recommend that I contact the Farrell Ranch for a true Texas hunting experience. To date, I have had four fantastic Texas hunts on the Ranch. I got the Black Buck on the first Texas hunt along with a serious case of “Axis Fever.” That following year, I bagged a magnificent gold medal Axis and the year after that, I rounded out my Texas Exotic hunting experience with a beautiful chocolate Fallow. My most recent trip to the Farrell Ranch was to hunt Texas whitetails and after a story book hunt, got a beautiful 10 point Texas whitetail buck that scored 144-5/8 B & C Gross. Each Texas hunt holds its own special memories. The accommodations are comfortable, the meals delicious, the Ranch and Texas whitetail deer and Exotics are both plentiful and magnificent and the hospitality of owner Pat Farrell and his wife Dana is warm and sincere. A totally “hands on ” owner, Pat served as the guide on my Texas hunts and it was quickly apparent that he is dedicated to providing an exciting, satisfying Texas hunting experience for his clients. I don’t know what more you could expect. Whether your interests lie with Exotics or Texas whitetail deer hunting I wholeheartedly recommend that you check out what the Farrell Ranch has to offer. I think you will agree with me that it can be a truly memorable Texas hunting experience.”

Allen - Victoria Texas -

John with customer’s Chocolate Fallow

"Dear Mr. Farrell- We thoroughly appreciate the Texas hunting services you provided once again this year at the Farrell Ranch. The hospitality and accommodations are top notch. All of our customers have expressed great satisfaction with their Texas deer hunts at your Ranch. The Ranch is fantastic, and the amount and variety of Texas Whitetails and exotics we see during each of our Texas hunts is truly amazing. Your website does not do you the justice you deserve. The food and accommodations were excellent, the Ranch scenery is picturesque and your hospitality made our Texas hunting trips most enjoyable. We will certainly be back and look forward to our next adventure. Once again, thanks again for the great Texas deer hunts and we hope to see you soon.”

John, Houston, Texas@

Tom with his gold medal Axis

"I have been hunting on the Farrell Ranch for over twelve years now and have taken some great Texas whitetail deer and exotic trophies over the years and have experienced Texas deer hunting the way it should be done. The landscape is absolutely breathtaking with lots of deep canyons, wooded mountains and beautiful valleys. The quantity and quality of trophy Texas whitetails and exotics is outstanding. The lodging is comfortable and the food first class fare. I can’t say enough about the hunting services I have received over the years- I guess that is why I always come back and can’t wait to rebook for the next year. Pat has a true passion and respect for the land and for the Texas deer and exotics on his ranch. This truly shows in every aspect of the way the Ranch and animals are managed. Every time I hunt on the Ranch I am impressed with both the quantity and caliber of the animals I see. If you are looking for a trophy Texas whitetail, or gold medal class exotic, you will find it at the Farrell Ranch."

Tom - Humble, Texas,

Bill and his gold medal Texas Red Stag

“I have hunted Texas Whitetails and Exotics with Pat Farrell on his Texas Hunting Ranch for the past ten years and must say each hunt is truly unique. Whether it was for a Red Stag, Black Buck, Fallow, Axis or Texas Whitetail, each hunt featured the excitement of bagging a true Texas trophy. The accommodations are comfortable and the food is always great. It's a unique opportunity to be able to hunt Texas deer the way you want to- either from a double blind, in camo along a fence row, spot and stalking or trying to "rattle one up". Great Stuff ! I look forward to next years trip and know it will be another memorable Texas Deer hunt on the Farrell Ranch."

Bill- Katy, Texas

Barry and his customer with a great Red Stag

“I would like to thank you for another successful Texas deer hunt on the Farrell ranch. My customers and I look forward every year to what we call “Pat Farrell’s Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom adventure hunt”. We always see tons of game and we always get our deer. The Ranch is a combination of ruggedness as well as sheer breath taking beauty and the quality of the animals will make the most seasoned hunter want to come back to hunt again and again. The relationships I have been able to build with my customer’s from our shared Texas hunting experiences on your Ranch are a true testament to your hard work and most of all to your friendly laid back hospitality. Thanks again and we will see you next year."

Barry - Midland, Texas,

Art and his customer with a gold Medal Axis.

”Just wanted to thank you again for another successful Axis Hunt. My customer was thrilled and I am thrilled as well. I have hunted with you now for over ten years and have taken countless customers and trophy Texas deer from your Texas Ranch. Your hard work and dedication in getting us “on the game” every time always impresses me. The foods great, the rooms are great and the hunts are fabulous. See you this Fall”.

Art - Midland, Texas,

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